Building the service experience for Virgin Galactic’s first commercial astronauts

Virgin Galactic  |  Las Cruces, New Mexico  |  2018


Experience design consultant



Space flight is quickly becoming a reality for the everyday citizen. Virgin Galactic (VG) was interested in building out a very “Virgin experience” for the first future astronauts flying aboard SpaceShipTwo. They wanted help building out their service experience and developing tools to socialize the service vision. I worked with the General Manager of the Astronaut Experience to craft their on-the-ground service strategy at Spaceport America in Las Cruces, New Mexico.



  • Experience maps, service blueprint: I built out customer experience maps and a service blueprint.

  • Astronaut journey: I built a high level map summarizing the service journey for future astronauts, highlighting journey stages, service goals and outcomes.

  • Executive deck: I crafted the service story into a presentation deck for executive leadership.


Insights to Action

VG was passionate about living up to the expectations of their future astronauts: adventurers, entrepreneurs, space lovers, and lifelong admirers of the Virgin brand and its founder, Richard Branson. Future astronauts viewed their ticket to space as a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be transformed by the Overview Effect. Customers were excited about becoming a part of history as Virgin astronauts.


We developed service goals throughout the astronaut journey that fostered an intimate and purpose-driven culture of engagement, unity, connection, and transformation. We also identified touch points where we could add a delightful Virgin touch. Project deliverables were developed as visual tools to share the service vision with executive leaders.