Envisioning the future of women’s intimate care

Johnson & Johnson Design  |  New York City, USA  |  2016


Project and partner management, content development



Our business partners from the Carefree brand were interested in expanding their consumer offering beyond their hero product, the “everyday panty liner”. They wanted to imagine what their business could look like 10 years down the road. Our goal was to help them envision a 2030 product pipeline with solutions for the future intimate care consumer.



  • Immersion: We compiled trends research, conducted user surveys and interviews, and tested out various femcare products on the market.

  • Co-creation: We asked self-identified “extreme intimate groomers” about their self-care practices and for their ideas on improving the grooming experience.

  • Future scenarios: We engaged our partners in a 2-day work session and used artifacts from four “future consumers” as a provocation for ideation and prototyping.

  • Pitch: We proposed a new type of B2C offering.


Insights to Action

We found that testing out the latest femcare products helped us build empathy with today’s consumer, and that creating future artifacts and scenarios was a tangible way to build empathy with tomorrow’s consumer.


We learned that there are a number of trends affecting the purchasing behaviors of our future consumer: the desire to support socially and environmentally conscious brands, a greater acceptance of fluid gender identity, an expectation for personalized care, and a greater sense of personal empowerment.


To meet the needs of our future consumer, we proposed a new business model where we re-imagined what we make and how we make it. This model enabled customers to customize and co-create their intimate care products, on-demand.