Bridging the communication gap to strengthen public health action

Healthy Reads  |  San Francisco, USA  |  2012





Public health practitioners tackle complex and systemic social problems, from challenging anti-vaccination messaging to managing epidemics. The scale of the problems we face demand cross sector competency and communication, yet we work in silos that limit our ability to act as a collective force.



My response to the cross-sector communication gap was Healthy Reads, an online community for public health professionals to share, rank and discuss the latest health news. To build this out I:

  • Developed brand, content strategy

  • Found a technical partner

  • Tested out interest using a launch page

  • Launched an MVP

  • Built a team of community managers

  • Gathered platform feedback

  • Grew and promoted the online community


Insights to Action

Launching the platform helped validate my hypothesis that there was a need for an online community for public health practitioners: within one month of launch, Healthy Reads became the second largest online community for public health professionals in the US and Canada. Healthy Reads participated in the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in Silicon Valley.

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