Designing holistic training experiences for healthcare providers

Johnson & Johnson Design  |  New York City, USA  |  2014


Project and partner management, content development



Janssen was looking to develop training materials for healthcare providers (HCPs) on how to operate a new medication management tool. The device would enable HCPs to detect their patient’s medication levels. Our goal was to develop a system to train HCPs on how to use the device without error in order to attain CLIA certification.



We developed an international research program:


  • Immersion: We immersed ourselves in mental health clinics to understand the settings in which the device would be used and spoke to key informants.

  • Service mapping: We mapped out the ideal user experience and identified touch points for each training material.

  • Interviews: We tested draft materials with over 50 HCPs in the UK, US and Japan.


Insights to Action

We discovered that HCPs were most interested in how the device could protect and strengthen their relationship with patients and felt concerned that the device may be perceived as a punitive tool to “monitor” medication intake.


We also learned that in practice HCPs are like everyone else: they don’t like to read instructions. Accordingly, our materials were designed to be highly visual, concise, and usable in a clinical setting. We developed a robust “quick reference guide”, an at-a-glance instructional material, for everyday use.

Training materials (video, booklets, instructions) were correlated with critical touch points across the HCP experience. A modular approach to content development helped us create a flexible yet unified training system.