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Mental Health Action Cards

January 2013


I know many who have and continue to experience depression on a day to day basis. Given my training and work in mental health, I've had people approach me to ask about recommended resources on depression (websites, trusted literature, etc.) and tools that inspire motivation and action. And generally speaking, there are some great, evidence-based self-help resources out there:

While there isn't a shortage of reliable and evidence-based content, the bulk of existing resources that care professionals use in practice with their clients tend to be extremely text-heavy, dated, and look and feel highly clinical in nature. I have found few tools that are visual, colorful or feel friendly and personalized to my learning style, and would love to see a re-vamp of 'old-school' resources out there.


I believe that treatment and recovery does not have to feel like an academic or clinical process. It's not easy to acknowledge the need to change, seek out supports and embark on a treatment journey, particularly when addressing something as highly stigmatized and shamed as mental health.

I wanted to make a tool that I would want to use. So, I made 'action cards' that suggest tangible steps one can take to help overcome depressive feelings. One side captures a problem the person is facing, and the other captures a practical action response. These cards are informed by cognitive behavioural therapy and aim to be an 'on-the-go' tool that someone can print out, shuffle through, and carry around. They are meant to be playful, personable, and a different way of interacting with CBT literature.

If you have examples of other tools you've found helpful and effective for managing depression, let me know!


Side 1: "Problem"


Side 2: "Action"

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