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Public Health Iconathon

October 2012

The Public Health Iconathon is a self imposed challenge where I created as many public health icons as I could over the span of one month. I put myself up for the challenge as I felt that there was a lack of recognizable, universal and usable imagery that would distill complex public health concepts. My ultimate goal was to create a more robust visual vocabulary for health.


Icons were created in less than one hour in order to encourage rapid ideation, iteration and prototyping, and I sought out suggestions for icons from my Twitter followers and peers.

A summary piece of the Iconathon (below) was featured at Insight 2: Engaging the Health Humanities at the University of Alberta. I mention this because not only am I delighted to take part, Insight 2 is one of the few exhibits that I know of that is exploring the intersections of design, art and health promotion.


Tags: Public Health, Icons, Iconathon, Social Determinants of Health, Health care, Visual Design

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